Cannabis Chocolate Dark


70% Dark Chocolate with Hemp Seeds and Hazelnut Pieces THC FREE, There are no narcotic effects. Cannabis Chocolate Dark(Min Order:15), Long gone are the days of dried-out “happy brownies” and overly herbaceous candies; in their place are delectable infused chocolates hand-crafted with care. From fudgy brownies accented with gold to colorful truffles that melt in your mouth, the bar for cannabis chocolates is being raised by each of the brands below.

The following gourmet infused chocolates are among the best currently on the market, and each provides a perfect way to get elevated in style with a healthy dose of decadence

Serra’s chocolate bars are crafted locally in Portland with the help of local family-run Woodblock Chocolate manufactory, and contain only three simple ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, and cannabis oil. Each bar aims to deliver a different experience (creativity, happiness, and so on) along with 5mg THC per serving. Reach for the Relief square, for instance, and be rewarded with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate featuring notes of lavender and cherry.