BACKWOODS Cigars are top-quality machine-made cigarillos made with the brand’s signature Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos encompassed by a homogenized folio, and a certifiable all tobacco Connecticut Broadleaf covering. Moved in a rural shape with an unrefined foot and incomplete head, these cheroot-style stogies bring out recollections of early Americana and the Wild West when this unpolished style of stogie was hugely famous. Alongside the first velvety smooth all tobacco mix, Backwoods Cigars additionally incorporate Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Honey Bourbon, Honey Berry, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, and Black N’ Sweet Aromatic. These intriguingly enhanced mixes will engage smokers with a sweet tooth that is searching for a moderate brand with a demonstrated history of unwavering quality and reliably extraordinary taste. Accessible in reasonable boxes of 24, and 8-packs, with five stogies in each resealable pack, Backwoods Cigars are sure to turn into your top decision for getting things done, noon breaks, or some other time you pine for appetizing flavors when absolutely necessary!

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