Today, marijuana is everywhere. It doesn’t take much effort to buy pot at a medical marijuana dispensaries near me, whether you have a medical reason or not. But before marijuana has gathered steam to be available for the general public, it has come a long way from being a herbal medicine, a substance for rituals, and raw material for sails. The plant is steeped in history, so let’s rewind the tape to its origins.
What we now call marijuana (a psychoactive version of the cannabis plant) originated in Central Asia. Back in 500 BC, its first uses were associated with rites, when local communities burned it for spiritual and religious purposes. Cannabis seeds were commonly placed in ancient tombs that have been recently unearthed to back up historical claims with evidence.
Cannabis made it to the Americas during the Spanish colonization. In the 1500s-1600s, some colonies in North America cultivated industrial hemp (a non-psychoactive version of the cannabis plant) for textiles, ship sails, canvas, and ropes. Hemp fiber made the perfect material for these applications as it was durable and relatively easy to grow.
Seeds, roots, and flowers have been used for medical purposes throughout the centuries-long history of cannabis. From ancient civilizations to Spanish conquistadors, it was consumed to remedy inflammation, pain, and malaria. In modern history, however, buy medical marijuana near me wasn’t widespread at national levels until the 19 century. That’s when it broke into Western medicine as an evidence-based treatment for muscle cramps, vomiting, and stomach aches to help cholera patients get long-awaited relief.
In the early 1900s, marijuana was widely available at pharmacies as a remedy for stomach conditions. An upsurge in its popularity was later whipped up with the findings that THC was the key ingredient of the plant’s medical benefits. These findings opened the door for further research into cannabis and how it could be used for people struggling with health woes.


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Medical marijuana has been steadily making its way across the country, with more and more states legalizing programs to connect patients in need with medical cannabis to potentially ease and alleviate unwanted symptoms. However, not all patients can physically access doctors, who are the gatekeepers of medical marijuana in all legalized states. 

Whether barred by distance or circumstance, these patients benefit from technological advancements that allow them to connect with doctors online for cannabis evaluations. Read on to learn how to get a medical marijuana card online.

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